National Communications, Inc.
100 Branford Pl - Newark, NJ 07102

Our company is moving! We have several items that we need to get rid of.

items for sale:

- 40 green heavy duty steel shelving, $25.00 each. 36"L  x  18"W  x  98"H.

- 20 brown office desks, $100.00 each. 601/2"L  x  301/2"W  x  29"H.

- 100 industrial steel, W-I-D-E span warehouse shelving, $40.00 each. 49"L  x  49"W  x  119"H.

- beige/tan metal bookcases, $35.00 each. 36"L  x  91/2"W  x  90"H.

- cable spooling equipment, 10 sections of 30"L each, 146"H

- 2 skids of screws, nuts and bolts, all sizes. 1500 pounds per skid, $600 each.