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New Paltz Hostel
145 Main Street, New Paltz, N.Y. 12561
(845) 255-6676
Serendipitous Lodgings For The Weary Traveler
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Hostel History

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The building was built as a private residence by Mrs. Glennie Pine Van Aken in 1911 on property across the street from other properties still owned by the Pine family. In 1912 she put an addition on the building known as "the tower" (the northwest corner of the building near the carriage house seen to the right). The building was important enough that a commercial color postcard was printed of it (above). Glennie lived in it for only three years. HouseTower.jpg - 23421 Bytes

For a short time after Glennie Pine Van Aiken left, the house was rented to another family. Around 1916 or 1917, the house was converted to an INN.
HousetrolleyLR.jpg - 41465 Bytes The postcard at left shows the house (with trolley in front) during this era. The Wayside Inn was in business until 1924.

In 1924, the building was purchased by, and became the Philean chapter of Agonia (called a fraternity in those days but actually meaning a sorority). Shortly thereafter it was incorporated as the Kappa Chapter of the "Agonian National Fraternity." First appearance of it in the New Paltz Normal (the predecessor to SUNY New Paltz) was in the 1925 yearbook. Interesting to note that the 1928 yearbook picture shows 33 residents!

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Bingo! with great gusto Agonia entered the portals of New Paltz Normal in May, 1924. Organized under the local name of Philean, it was but a short time before the organization was incorporated as Kappa Chapter of the Agonian National Fraternity. The Agos aim to be a real asset to New Paltz Normal and a hearty welcome awaits everyone of Ago House. As this is our first appearance in the Year Book, we desire to again express our appreciation to all who so kindly aided in bringing Agonia to New Paltz. Our sister organizations, Arethusa and Clio, we wish much success in the future and we hope that the coming years will make more secure the friendship that now exists among us.

The sorority lasted until 1975, meaning right through the era when New Paltz Normal became New Paltz College and then, in the '60s, the State University of New York College at New Paltz. At that point sororities of this type must have been out of fashion (a house mother, a cook preparing meals for the girls, etc.), and the building was sold to a private individual for use as student housing without all the accoutrements. The owner was a bit of a train buff and called the Inn, "The Central Station."

It remained The Central Station until 1999. Craig took what were previously the public rooms of the house (on the first floor), and developed the hostel out of them. The rest of the house continues to provide student housing and still maintains its image as The Central Station.
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