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New Paltz Hostel
145 Main Street, New Paltz, N.Y. 12561
(845) 255-6676
Serendipitous Lodgings For The Weary Traveler
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Contact Us

We cannot guarantee accommodations without a reservation, which must be arranged and paid for in advance.

If you cannot come after making a reservation, please contact us at least a day in advance (more time would be better), so that we may adjust our bookings and return any money due. Also, please let us know if you will be arriving late.

Please call (845-255-6676) or E-Mail (newpaltzhostel@yahoo.com) us for further information. A reservation form follows for your convenience. Items in red must be filled in. We will e-mail you confirmation.

Contact Form
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Any Comments?

Thank You!

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